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Our Mission

ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors is an organisation that uses the art of clowning to bring humour and laughter to people in need of joy.

Our Core Values are

Respect, Courage, Creativity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Authenticity, Joyfullness.

The Main Objectives of the Project:

Using humour and the art of clowning

  • to promote the psychological well-being of patients, thereby contributing to improving theiroverall health,
  • to relieve hospitalised patients from fear, tension, and anxiety associated with theirtreatment and an unfamiliar environment,
  • to activate the memory of seniors and to bring them pleasure and a deep emotionalexperience, which encourages them to express themselves emotionally and greater mental and physical activity,
  • to promote imagination, creativity, talent, communication, and a zest for life of patients, seniors, and people who need it.

Constantly developing, educating, and improving the skills of the clown team in the field by using humour in contact with the people who need it.

Spreading awareness of the positive effects of humour in providing care for patients and seniors.

Research and development of the use of humour in patient and senior care.

Educating healthcare personnel in the field of using humour in patient and senior care.

Important Facts:

ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors was founded in 2004 by Gary Edwards, an American living in the Czech Republic, at the instigation of MUDr. Daniela Sejnová, (M.D.).

It is the only organisation of its kind in Slovakia.

Organisation collaborates with 60 professional clowndoctors, both male and female, they regularly visit more than 50 hospitals and treatment facilities all over Slovakia, this represents over 230 visits per month.

The main programme involves periodic visits to children in hospitals and treatment facilities, which are carried out by professional clowndoctors.

In addition, we also have special programmes aimed at seniors, adult patients, as well as children in home care and children with severe and combined disabilities.

At present, professional clowndoctors are considered to be an effective part of the healing process in hospitals around the world.

ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors is one of the partner organisations of RED NOSES International.